Five digital nomads explain, how they work and travel

What does freedom mean? Where is „home” for you? Where does your career bind you ? Can you be free at home? Or do you have to travel to be free? Can your career make you free? Can you make a career at home? Can you give your career an unlimited freedom to make you free? Do you need freedom? What kind of freedom do you need? – An endless list of questions can be raised if we want to know more about these topics or if we want to know more even about ourselves.

How does it work in the case of digital nomads? 

If you are interested join us at the „Digital Freedom Vienna” event on the 24th of June and learn about the rewards and challenges of Digital Nomadism. Make valuable contacts and maximize your opportunity in the online world!

We are delighted to introduce you 5 digital nomads in advance who are travelling while working and pursuing a career while exploring the world.

Becki Enright is a British Travel Press Award winning writer a PR consultant with 13 years combined experience. Having represented some of the biggest consumer brands at some of the UK’s leading international PR consultancies, as well as her experience as a full-time travel blogger, she is uniquely positioned to present brands to the travel sphere. 

Borders of Adventure is one of the leading online travel resources, with a quasi-journalistic style that focuses on ‘perception changing’ and social commentary. It focuses particularly on misunderstood destinations, with insight into the social, historical, political and economic factors that shape the country or place in relation to tourism. The website constantly strives to address topical issues relating to travel practices and which affect traffic footfall to a country, in the attempt to overcome misconceptions.

Betti Brachmann is an entrepreneur, a loving mom and a travel addict.
She grow up in a family where her parents had always a side business next to their normal job and then devoted themselves full time to their business. She experienced what freedom can bring you trough being your own boss but also having your work in a way on your mind all the time, but in a good way. 

After her daughter was born she used the chance to change her career from Area Sales Manager into entrepreneurship. After a few trials and failures, but also important experiences she ended up with Brick Visual. They are a great architectural visualisation firm having clients all over the world. Betti is doing sales and business development in DACH and the United Arab Emirates for them as a freelancer.

Christina Strasser is 29 years old blogger and comes from Lower-Austria. She did a one year trip around the world and since than she is a passionate traveller. Christina loves sharing her travel experience on her blog. Her mission is to inspire and give the courage to get out of your comfort zone and do travelling by yourself.

Estela Kun was born and raised in Budapest until age of 18 when she started to live and travel around the world. In the past 13 years, Estela lived in over 8 countries, currently based in Bali, Indonesia. She is the founder and host of Freedom Summit, that was the first virtual gathering on the location independent movement. 

"I believe in our deep human desire for freedom and expression of our unique selves that make the world a happier and better place. I'm on a mission to spread the word about this new freedom-based lifestyle that we are co-creating together."

Iris Jumbe: "I am an ambitious, business-savvy marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of progressive experience in Europe and Asia. Originally from Zimbabwe, I am a self-starter, who has worked in the professional services sector across multiple industries, as well as in the not-for-profit field, with clients from the commercial sector, as well as religious leaders and policy makers. 
Throughout my career, I have demonstrated excellence across a broad range of functions, and have a record of producing trackable, value-adding results." Iris is currently the Managing Director of Philstem Communications, Vienna.

Let us also introduce to you one of our exhibitors...

Die Fotofüchse - Travel and learn photography: "Hi, we are the photofoxes Katharina & Tirza - two photographers from Vienna and we teach photography where it happens. In your hometown, national and international. Alongside is our mascot Finn the photofox. He is always keen on telling you photography tricks or secrets of your camera and writes a travel-photography-blog about our adventures.
In a small group of curious photofoxes, equipped with a digital camera, the participants of our photo-tours and photo-workshops will travel, learn and experience together. New places, unusual perspectives, the technical know-how and an attentive eye for moments and details to bring home photos they are proud of.
No matter if you are new to photography or if you already know your gear, we have photo-tours and photo-workshops for all foxy photography lovers. On top, we also thought about your not-so-much-photography-lover-partners and we always have an alternative program for them, so you can both enjoy your vacation properly."

And the moderator is...

Orsolya Gyulai a conscious entrepreneur, spiritual healer, consultant, coach and mother. 

Orsolya is the founder of, specialising in innovative personal and business development. is collecting and sharing tools, models, systems and approaches, which are effective on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to reach freedom and harmony in all areas

An inspiring location for curious people...

Hotel Schani is the location for creativity and innovative ideas, and provides the room for our common event on Digital Freedom Vienna. Viennese tradition and new trends are meeting in the rooms of the Hotel. They have also coworking spaces, meeting and event rooms. We are so much looking forward to meeting you all in this magical location!


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